Russian Su-33 fighter filmed 'dancing' towards ground after Ukrainian strike – VIDEO


Footage filmed in Kharkiv shows what appears to be a  Russian Su-33 aircraft “dancing” to the ground after being hit by Ukraine’s air defence. Ukraine continues to push back against the intensifying Russian advance in southeastern cities such as Mariupol and Odesa. 

The video, posted on Twitter by German reporter Julian Ropcke, shows images of a Russian military aircraft losing control and consequently falling to the ground after being hit by Ukrainian air defence in the region of Kharkiv.

Mr Ropcke also shared what appear to be post-attack pictures, which show the moment the aircraft hit Ukrainian ground.

Smoke and fire are seen coming from the Russian aircraft as a consequence of the successful Ukrainian defence strike.

The Russian pilot is also seen opening his parachute in the attempt to perform an emergency landing.

The video comes after reports from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the UK Ministry of Defence which seem to confirm evidence of heavy fighting continuing in the port city Mariupol.

Mariupol represents a central target in the so-called ‘phase two’ of the Russian invasion of Ukraine as the city, if seized, would allow Russia to unify the Donbas region, now recognised as Russian, with the annexed Crimea.

Such achievement could lead to potential full control of Ukrainian southeastern regions, and clear division between west and east areas of Ukraine, as military analysts suggest. 

Despite the intensification of Russian attacks, President Zelensky openly rejected Russia’s claims that they captured Mariupol and in his message on Orthodox Easter day confirmed that the port city is still under Ukrainian control. 

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“Sovereign, independent Ukraine will be around a lot longer than Russia’s Putin.” 

Mr Blinken also said: “Russia’s attempt to divide the West and NATO has also failed.”

Following President Zelensky’s request of providing Ukrainian troops with more weapons in support of Ukraine’s defence against Russia, the US has also approved a £130m sale of ammunition to Ukraine. 

The aid package also include £251m in foreign military financing, as Mr Blinken claimed following the meeting with President Zelensky.


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