Russian TV pundit gate-crashes pro-Putin show and slams 'bums and deadbeats' mobilisation


The Russian political scientist discussed suggestions about Vladimir Putin sending “bums” to fight in Ukraine. The political scientist hit out at the head of broadcaster RT, Margarita Simonyan, for keeping everyday Russians away from the front and instead sending the unemployed and criminals to fight. Putin has been criticised in recent weeks for his ploy to bolster the Russian Army with prisoners and for his demand for 300,000 more Russian men to join the frontline in neighbouring Ukraine.

Sergey Kurginyan told Russia 1: “You’re saying, a ‘people’s war’ but I’m hearing strange statements. They’re strange for me, as a Russian citizen saying we’ll be sending bums to war.

“I heard it said, as well as sending deadbeats and other citizens in similar categories.

“With our 145-150 million, we ended up in a situation where we are certainly and forever the main enemy, that has to be destroyed.

“This country not only has to live but what must it become? What should it become?

“And now slowly but precisely, step by step we should achieve this transformation? I don’t think this will happen by discussing how we should draw deadbeats and bums into the army.

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He added: “This is the truth, isn’t it? The most elite of our elite should join the army, they should go in to serve the people.

“Then we can talk about people’s involvement, that wonderful statement about bums and others, who said that?”

Top propagandist Vladimir Solovyov added: “(Head of RT) Margarita Simonyan, I think Margarita didn’t formulate it precisely.”

Mr Kurginyan said: “What’s this ideology, ‘let’s throw bums into the army?’ where is the ideology in that?

“That we don’t disturb the average citizens, let them keep living according to the social contract, according to which this does not apply to them, it does apply to them!

“Why did we figure out so late what the West is up to?”

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Putin has been criticised around the world by military experts who have slammed his decision to recruit and use Russian prisoners on the battlefield.

The Russian dictator has been trying to bolster his army despite ongoing reports of his soldiers absconding from battle and surrendering to Ukrainian forces.

There have also been reports from human rights organisations who have been claiming that Putin has central Asian and dual national citizens who are being encouraged to join the war in Ukraine and fight for Russia.

Sergey Mironov a Russian politician attacked the new policy that the Kremlin had created, which was to allow migrants to join the fight in Ukraine on Russia’s behalf.


Mironov wrote: “I know many cases when patriotic compatriots asked to be sent to the front line as volunteers, and the military registration and enlistment offices brushed them aside, as they were engaged in a ‘plan’ for mobilisation.

“But it turns out that the gates to the army are wide open for visitors from Central Asia.

“Only mobilisation is not organisational recruitment, and military operations are not construction.

“No matter what they promised to migrants who agreed to volunteer, the military commissars knew that these people were not ready to sacrifice themselves for a country that was foreign to them, which means that anything could be expected from them, but not to fulfil their military duty.

“However, for officials in uniform, the main thing is to report, show the figure, and what happens next is none of their business. It shouldn’t be like that!”



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