Russia's plan to cripple Ukraine's banks exposed after it 'finishes off' power grid


Russian forces struck eastern and southern Ukraine early Sunday as utility crews scrambled to restore power, water and heating with the onset of snow and frigid temperatures, while civilians continued to leave the southern city of Kherson because of the devastation wreaked by recent attacks and their fears of more ahead. With persistent snowfall blanketing the capital, Kyiv, Sunday, analysts predicted that wintry weather — bringing with it frozen terrain and gruelling fighting conditions — could have an increasing impact on the conflict that has raged since Russian forces invaded Ukraine more than nine months ago. But Gurulyov told Rossiya 1 how Russia will “finish off” Ukraine’s power grid.

Gurulyov said: “The way we lash their power system today – does that influence the state’s ability to survive? It has a major influence on it!

“Today they’re saying there’s no water or heating. That’s all unimportant!

“Their industry has stopped working – that’s the most important thing.

“Number one: the industry which was operating and earning money.

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“Number two: the industry which was repairing and manufacturing arms.

“Was it manufacturing arms? Yes, it was. And the industry which was capable of doing something else.

“All of that has been stopped. This is the main thing today. Everything else is a side effect. The second thing that will happen – people say we need to bomb their bridges.

“I say, bombing one bridge requires about ten missiles but if we hit a railway management centre, it only requires one missile.

After a blistering series of Russian artillery strikes on infrastructure that started last month, workers were fanning out in around-the-clock deployments to restore key basic services as many Ukrainians were forced to cope with only a few hours of electricity per day — if any.

Ukrenergo, the state power grid operator, said Sunday that electricity producers are now supplying about 80 percent of demand, compared to 75 percent the previous day.

The deprivations have revived jousting between Ukraine’s president and Kyiv’s mayor. Mayor Vitali Klitschko on Sunday defended himself against allegations levelled by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy that too many Kyiv residents were still without power and that insufficient centres had been set up for them to stock up on food, water, battery power and other essentials.

Kitschko wrote on Telegram that hundreds of such centres are in operation, as well as hundreds of emergency generators, adding that “I do not want, especially in the current situation, to enter into political battles. It’s ridiculous.”


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