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Santander acts on £300 contactless fraud threat – so what's YOUR bank doing?


Barclays, Nationwide, NatWest and TSB allow users to opt out of contactless altogether, either by requesting a new card, or disabling the contactless functionality. However, users cannot select a lower limit.

Some do not offer this flexibility.

Barclaycard, American Express, Capital One and MBNA will not allow a personal limit or let you turn off contactless.

Banks insist everything will be fine, saying contactless fraud cost users less than 2p in every £100 spent last year.

If still worried, check what yours offers.

If you ever suspect your card has been stolen, inform your bank immediately, said Sarah Coles, personal finance analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown. “You are not responsible for any spending from that point. Many banks will also refund money spent before you have a chance to call.”

The other big risk with the £100 limit is that it makes it easier to spend money, Coles said. “This raises the risk that we wave our card at a reader without considering our spending in the same way we would if we were handing over cash.”

If you do not want to go contactless, contact your bank to lower your limit or issue a new card. If it won’t, it may be time to switch bank.

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