Sen. Cotton on Afghanistan attack: Biden needs to reverse course, go after terrorists who killed Americans


    Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., called on President Biden Friday to “reverse course” on his deadline to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan following the deadly Kabul airport attack, telling “Fox & Friends” the U.S. needs to stay as long as it takes to bring every American home and hold the terrorists behind the bombings accountable.

    SEN. TOM COTTON: Where [Biden] should have been is trying to take stock of the consequences of his disastrous miscalculation, for this disorganized, ill-planned, chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan. I’ve been warning for two weeks now that we can’t trust the Taliban to conduct security at the airport or to help secure our citizens in Kabul. And we saw the consequences of that yesterday. 

    This also goes back to Joe Biden’s decision to close Bagram Air Base last year. I’ve been to Bagram. It is a very large and a very secure base. It has hundreds, if not thousands of yards of stand off from civilians or other — and approaches to it. It would have been much easier to secure that air base than it is to secure the airport in downtown Kabul, where streets are running right along the fences. But again, it gets back to what you said. It’s all about Joe Biden’s desire to get as many troops out of Afghanistan as quickly as possible without regard for the security consequences or the safety of our citizens on the ground or our partners or those Afghans who served alongside us and who have been approved and vetted to come into this country. What Joe Biden needs to do now is reverse course. He needs to stay at that airport as long as necessary, reopen Bagram, if necessary, to make sure we get every last American citizen out of Afghanistan and that we bring to justice those who killed 13 brave American troopers. 


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