Seven seconds of shooting: What 14 police bodycam videos show in Jayland Walker's death


A police officer points a gun at Jayland Walker in a bodycam image shown during a news conference at the Firestone Community Center on July 3 in Akron, Ohio.

AKRON, Ohio – When police fired their guns at Jayland Walker, 25, early on the morning of June 27, he dropped to the ground within the first second.

Officers fired for six more seconds, according to footage from body-worn cameras released by the Akron Police Department on Sunday.

At least one officer called out, “Cease fire.” What appears to be the same officer waved his arm in a possible attempt to stop the gunfire, but it continued. Walker didn’t survive.

Police Chief Steve Mylett said every officer who fired said Walker turned toward officers and reached toward his waist, then lifted his arm toward officers before they fired.

The footage was filmed from cameras on officers’ chests and became blurry and shaky as they ran and fired, making it hard to see Walker’s actions.


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