Sherwood fans slam BBC over Wimbledon schedule shake-up 'Not everyone is a tennis fan!'


In an exclusive Q&A with, Sherwood creator James Graham explained why he never saw the drama as a whodunnit. 

“That’s not the question at the heart of it, so that’s why we show you the killer at the end of the first episode,” James said.

“What was more interesting to us to explore was the impact on a community that something like this can have, especially a community where there were social and political tensions, and as you identify with them.

“I sometimes think what I find frustrating, I have no time for political culture as I think that deliberately tries to divide people for political gain, and I think that sometimes has happened.

“I think our lovely county where we’re very lucky to live has sometimes been the victim of those political games.

“And the joy of looking at recent history, whether that be with the Brexit referendum, or the impact of the minor strike, is that it reminds you that nothing is ever really new, and we’ve always been here before.”

Sherwood is available to watch on BBC iPlayer. 


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