Single mum forced to live in Travelodge where two children ‘cry themselves to sleep’


A single mum-of-two claims she has been forced to live in a Travelodge where her two children “cry themselves to sleep”.

Kirsty Warner, 36, is having to washing her children’s clothes and school uniforms in a shower and sharing one cramped room with her two boys aged 10 and five.

The young family was evicted from their home in Enfield on November 10, because Kirsty says their landlord wanted to “sell the property”.

Kirsty said living in the hotel was “costing an absolute fortune” adding to by the fact they are surviving on takeaways as there is no kitchen or fridge, and they are using public transport to get the boys to school, My London reports 

Enfield Council moved the family into the hotel as emergency accommodation – but Kirsty claims not only is the hotel totally unfit for her family’s needs, it is miles from their old house, where they lived for more than 10 years.

Kirsty said she is worried sick about being so far away from her five-year-old, who she said has already been rushed to hospital several times this year due to his breathing problems.

She said: “The kids really aren’t coping with it. They’re crying their selves to sleep. I want to go home.

“The older one’s got ADHD and he hates being in confined spaces, and the younger one is being tested for ADHD but he has breathing difficulties.

“The kids really aren’t coping with it. They’re crying their selves to sleep. I want to go home.

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“I feel so tired and drained, and it’s costing an absolute fortune getting backwards and forwards, and food, because you’ve got to live off a takeaway for breakfast lunch and dinner.”

Kirsty said she was struggling to find a new house for the family that the council would accept in their “price range”.

She said: “I only got my housing officer about two days ago, the day I came in here I was meant to transfer from one housing officer to another but I didn’t get one.

“I spent a week constantly trying to get though to someone on the phone to find out who my housing officer was.

“They’re meant to help but they don’t. They say it’s your responsibly to find your own property, but there aren’t any properties out there, and there aren’t any properties in the council’s price range.”

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