Sir David Amess killing: 999 call and CCTV footage released


Ali Harbi Ali was seen on CCTV strolling calmly past unsuspecting adults and children, a black backpack slung over his shoulder. Wearing a long khaki coat, Ali, 26, appears to assist a fellow passenger with directions as he waits for a train.

The radiographer travelled from his home in Kentish Town, north London, to Leigh-on-Sea in Essex after tricking an aide into giving him an appointment with the MP, a court heard.

Ali posed as a new constituent in an email exchange with the aide, telling her: “I don’t think I’ll take too long,” the Old Bailey jury heard.The journey last October took two-a-half hours.

After arriving at the town’s Belfairs Methodist Church, he waited for 25 minutes then went in.

Soon after meeting Sir David, 69, in a back office, Ali pulled out a carving knife with a 12in blade and stabbed him 21 times, the court was told.

Ali waved the bloodied knife and threatened four more people, it was alleged. He sent a message to his family and friends apologising for deceiving them and trying to justify his actions, jurors heard.

In it he said he killed Sir David to avenge bombings in Syria and claimed the veteran Tory deserved to die, it was alleged.

He wrote: “The obligations upon me to take revenge for the blood of Muslims were too great. The shame of abiding in the very lands that carry out these horrendous acts against my brothers and sisters was too much.”

Jurors were played a recording of a frantic 999 call.

Yvonne Eaves, who was due to see Sir David after Ali, told the emergency operator: “Please please, quick now. A man is wielding a knife. He’s threatened me, they say he’s killed. He’s killed David Amess at Belfairs Methodist Church.”

Told that police were on the way, Ms Eaves said: “I know, but he’s still wielding the knife. He’s saying he’s going to go and finish him off.

“He’s got the knife, he won’t put the knife down. It’s a carving knife, a big kitchen carving knife. Twelve inches.”

She then added: “He’s dead. He’s stabbed him – multiple times. His body is in the back room. He’s gonna take the police out when they come. He’s gonna try and stab the police.”

Ms Eaves ended the call as the first police car arrived.

Ali had spent years plotting to kill politicians and had done reconnaissance on Cabinet minister Michael Gove and Mike Freer, Tory MP for Finchley and Golders Green, north London, jurors heard – he considered attacking Levelling Up Secretary Mr Gove as he jogged.

Ali also allegedly researched other high-profile MPs online, such as Opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer, Justice Secretary Dominic Raab and Defence Secretary Ben

Wallace. Jurors heard he wanted to be a martyr, shot by police after killing father-of-five Sir David.

But he was held by two plain clothes PCs who entered the church before armed officers arrived.

Ali emailed the office of the SouthendWest MP on September 27 last year, saying he was moving to the area and adding: “Since I work in healthcare, I would like to know his plans, if any, for the hospital.”

Sir David’s aide Rebecca Hayton told Ali she would be happy to book him in for October 15. He asked for a noon appointment, adding: “I don’t really know how long the appointments are but I don’t think I’ll take too long. Thanks for all the help.”

Ali denies murder and preparing an act of terrorism.

The trial continues.


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