'So disrespectful' Eagle-eyed royal fans fuming as woman ASLEEP during Charles speech


The Prince of Wales took the stage during the final day of the Jubilee celebrations on Sunday. However, in the royal box behind him, a woman appeared to be fast asleep, leading to a torrent of outrage from Twitter users. The woman’s eyes appeared closed even though a military parade passed the royal box.

One Twitter user described the incident as “so disrespectful”.

On Twitter SparkyT said: “So disrespectful!!

“There are millions of people in this country who would give their right arm to watch the parade from that seat!!”

Another Twitter user called Sarah Robinson said: “How is she asleep?

“The armed services are stomping, every bit of brass the UK has is being played and bagpipes are very loud.

“She might be the deepest sleeper in all of Britain.”

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