'So sad' Camilla's heartbreak as Duchess of Cornwall unable to save childhood home


For a one-off ITV documentary, Camilla’s Country Life, the Duchess of Cornwall met with her sister Annabel Elliot to return to their childhood home, Hall Place, which was owned by their grandparents. As they were given a tour by new owner Michael Landon, Annabel admitted both she and Camilla were “so sad” they could not keep the home in the family.

Camilla grew up in Hall Place, a 12-bedroom house in Hampshire which was owned by her grandparents.

ITV viewers were told: “Camilla grew up in a close knit family, they prepared her well for whatever life was going to throw at her.

“Her wealthy family background meant there would never be financial worries.”

Royal biographer Angela Levin added: “She was left half a million by her grandparents and so she didn’t have to worry about making a living.”

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Unfortunately, Camilla and Annabel were not able to take over care of Hall Place.

The Duchess’ sister told current owner Michael: “There was a whole discussion about whether any of us would be able to take it on but the house was too big.

“I’d already been in Dorset for quite a long time and Camilla was in Wiltshire but we felt so sad about it going out of the family.”

Just moments later in the documentary, Camilla is seen pulling up to the family home where she reunites with Annabel.

Annabel went on to reveal her beloved teddy bear was once buried in the garden by Camilla, who only owned up to it decades later.

The Duchess confessed: “My sister and I had had a bit of an argument so I buried him, it was sibling rivalry.

“Yes, Tiddy Bar – he had a very happy resting ground, in the rose garden.”

When asked if she’d forgiven her sister, Annabel laughed: “Certainly not! No it still rankles to this day!”


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