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‘Spectacular’ UK island named as one of the best in Europe – ‘a little gem’


CN Traveller Readers’ Choice Awards 2021 are extremely prestigious lists published every year. The magazine teamed up with its sister title in the USA to ask readers to nominate the best of the best in the travel world.

For Britons who may think this is not high enough in the list, it’s worth remembering the competition was extremely stiff.

Top was Hvar in Croatia, followed by two Greek islands, Mykonos and Zakynthos.

Madeira came fourth and Ischia in Italy fifth.

Greece and Spain made up most of the list with Italy, Portugal and France also being listed.

Malta was 19th, and Jersey 20th.


While Jersey is not technically part of the UK, it is represented by the UK on the international stage.

The British Crown Dependency is part of the Channel Islands and is in fact closer to France than it is to the UK.

On the international lists, however, Jersey was classified as part of the UK.

The island offers long stretches of sandy beaches and many historic attractions.

On Tripadvisor, Catbasket said: “The coastal paths are spectacular and the green lanes quiet and rural.”

Britons who wish to visit Jersey can do so without isolation and no test on their return to the UK.

Unvaccinated Britons also have a hassle-free path to the island, with a free PCR test on arrival.

The best islands in Europe 2021
20. Jersey, UK
19. Malta
18. Santorini, Greece
17. Corsica, France
16. Canary Islands, Spain
15. Capri, Italy
14. Sardinia, Italy
13. Sicily, Italy
12. Azores, Portugal
11. Ibiza, Spain
10. Mallorca, Spain
9. Crete, Greece
8. Paros, Greece
7. Rhodes, Greece
6. Hydra, Greece
5. Ischia, Italy
4. Madeira, Portugal
3. Zakynthos, Greece
2. Mykonos, Greece
1. Hvar, Croatia

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