Stranger Things’ Vecna star Jamie Campbell Bower was ‘full of hatred and fury’ on set


The latest instalment of Stranger Things has revealed more about the Upside Down and his horrifying menagerie of creatures and threats than ever before. Season four of the Netflix phenomenon introduced viewers to Vecna (played by Jamie Campbell Bower), and the first seven episodes slowly unravelled the telekinetic demon’s surprising connection to Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown).

Stranger Things newcomer Jamie has revealed how it felt to terrorise Eleven and the kids of Hawkins in the sci-fi drama’s thrilling new season.

Not only did Jamie portray the creepy lab attendant Henry Creel, but he also stepped into the role of his Upside Down alter-ego, Vecna.

Fans have been surprised to learn the terrifying evil sorcerer was actually achieved through a combination of CGI and a practical costume.

“It felt amazing. It felt incredible,” the English actor recalled.

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“I knew I was going to have to be wearing this very cumbersome prosthetic, but I needed to be able to kind of feel the character before putting it on.

“So I did a lot of work personally just at home, walking around the streets of Los Angeles, feeling out the character.”

Jamie previously revealed he purposely distanced himself from his friends and family – anyone who wasn’t part of the Stranger Things team – in preparation for the role.

His method of acting clearly worked wonders for his performance, as he recalled his co-star Millie was just as terrified by his character as viewers have been over the last two weeks.

“When he says to her in episode seven, ‘Because I believe in you’, he genuinely does believe in her ability.

“He does believe in who she is because she’s a reflection of him, also.

“Not wholly, because she potentially has a stronger moral compass or a strong sense of identity to not be manipulated by him, but certainly 80 percent of her is him.”

Much like previous foes from the Upside Down, Vecna is named after his Dungeons and Dragons namesake, a powerful undead wizard also known as a lich.

Shortly after landing the iconic role, Jamie encountered a peculiar coincidence.He recalled: “The day that I got the job, or the day after – and I haven’t seen this since – I was walking around downtown Los Angeles and there was a guy who passed me wearing a Vecna D&D t-shirt.”

“I have not seen one since and I had never seen one before and I was like, ‘Oh s**t, okay.’”

“But yeah, the prosthetics were amazing,” the Stranger Things star added.

“It’s such a treat to play what I hope is quite an iconic figure in popular culture. We’ll see.”

Vecna has already become one of the most popular villains in the series to date, and will surely prove a formidable foe when the gang reunites to take him on in season four’s remaining two episodes.

Stranger Things season 4, volume 2 will be released on Friday, July 1 on Netflix.


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