Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson sits for more questions on third day of hearings


WASHINGTON – Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson faces another day of questions from members of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, as hearings continue over her historic nomination to be the first Black woman on the Supreme Court. 

Senators asked the judge about a wide range of topics Tuesday, including about her judicial philosophy, her faith, her work as a former federal public defender and sentences she handed down as a District Court judge in Washington. 

Many of the same themes are likely to emerge again Wednesday as the same 22 members of the committee get a second – slightly shorter – round of questions. Democrats are planning to finish the hearings on Thursday and hope to move Jackson to a final confirmation vote by early April. 

The hearing will kick off at 9 a.m. ET. 

Jackson’s first day:Jackson fights back against GOP criticism over sentencing, Gitmo 


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