Sweet moment dying dog has first McDonald's cheeseburger – and loves it


A heartbreaking video of a dog on its last day before being put down was shared on TikTok, causing hundreds of emotional comments from saddened viewers who wished farewell to the dog and courage to its owner. Her owner, Emmie Nielsen, 23, from Putney, shared a video of the dog’s last day, when she was taken to do all of her favourite things and even offered a McDonald’s meal. 

12-year-old Molly, a Staffy cross, was suffering from intense pain because of many cancerous tumours around her body. 

She had to be put down, but before that, her owner made sure that she would do all the things that she enjoyed the most.

So, Emmie took her to her favourite park for rolls on the grass and back scratches, which Molly loved.

In the video, Molly is seen happy as ever in the car as they head to the park with Emmie.

But before that, the once-inseparable pair stopped at McDonald’s, to get a cheeseburger and an ice cream swirl.

Despite her illness, Molly appears to enjoy the meal with a great appetite, not knowing it would be her last one. 

During the two-minute video, Molly is also seen strolling around in a pet centre, picking her favouring treats and savouring them.

The pup looks happy as ever as she then walks in a park and rolls on the grass scratching her back.

The dog then is seen with a couple of other dogs and a caption reads “Her final goodbye to her beloved sisters”.

On the last frame, a caption reads: “Rest peacefully my darling angel – Molly 2011-2022”.

Emotional TikTok users commented confessing they were in tears after watching the video.

Kraaayztee wrote: “I balled my eyes out. So sorry for your loss Rest peacefully and run freely sweet baby”.

Monilove also said: “When I tell you that this hit home for me…I cried so much uncontrollably, I am heartbroken for you. They are not just pets…but family.”

Others, like mccannj427 reflected on their own experiences with their beloved pets: “What a beautiful dog and owner for giving her a good send-off. My dog is my best mate n I’m not looking forward to this.”

Crystal noted: “This breaks my heart I’m so shattered by the loss of my dog too I miss him unconditionally. my thoughts are with u. rip beautiful.”

And Bigdawg said “What a beautiful baby! may she rest in peace! thank u for sharing. all dog owners hold them tight and love them even more while our angels r here!”


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