Have scientists found the key to beating prostate cancer?

Have scientists found the key to beating prostate cancer? ‘Miracle’ immunotherapy trial targets protein that allows tumours to flourish Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men with 48,500 cases a year Researchers start clinical trials on a protein which may

Dutch scientists have taught bees how to detect COVID-19

Here is some buzz-worthy news! Dutch researchers have trained bees to sniff out COVID-19 samples — cutting down the wait time for test results, experts said.  To train the insects, scientists at Wageningen University in the Netherlands gave them sugary water as

Scientists working on anti-Covid nasal spray

It’s an attractive prospect: a single pill, popped immediately after you test positive for Covid, to stop the virus in its tracks and prevent serious disease. The idea was floated by the Prime Minister recently at a Downing Street press conference, generating

Europe starts tests for automated asteroid spotters

BERLIN — Scientists said Tuesday they have switched on a new telescope at the European Southern Observatory as part of an effort to create an automated network for spotting asteroids that might pose a risk to Earth. The 56-centimeter telescope that’s now