The Boys boss hits back at season 3 fake death backlash ‘She deserved it’


“We were intentionally building to a happy ending for her, always, for a lot of reasons. One, she deserved it.

“Believe it or not, The Boys is a moral universe, and when you make the right choices, you get rewarded, and she deserved a happy ending with Elena.”

While Maeve did manage to survive the ordeal, the outside world will very much believe she died protecting the Seven from Soldier Boy when The Boys returns for season four.

Even so, some fans believe the finale should have gone all the way by killing Maeve off for good.

@namitee19 tweeted: “I thought the finale was a bit underwhelming along with episode seven. The build-up was great but the payoff wasn’t.

“We are back to square one. The Boys together, Homelander alive, Soldier Boy in a box. I was so ready to let Maeve and A-Train go but they didn’t even kill them off.”


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