The Dog House fans 'burst into tears' as girl bonds with cockapoo puppy


The Dog House returned on Thursday night for another heartwarming instalment of the Channel 4 show. Viewers were introduced to Kiya and her parents who wanted to welcome a puppy into their family following a difficult year after the youngster was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease. Kiya’s had to give up a lot of her hobbies due to the condition and she hoped a dog would be able to bring her more happiness. 

The Dog House is filmed at Wood Green, The Animals Charity in Cambridgeshirewhich takes in hundreds of disowned or neglected dogs each year.

On the latest instalment of the Channel 4 show, Kiya said she’s always wanted a dog that was “small and fluffy” like a Pomeranian. 

Kiya’s mum explained: “She is like a Jack Russell, very small, but feisty, but she’s got a really great sense of humour.” 

She added: “We just need [a dog] which isn’t going to knock Kiya over and she wants one which can sit on her lap in her wheelchair.”

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Kiya suffers from a mitochondrial disease which prevents her muscles from giving her the energy she needs. 

She said they would prefer a young dog or even a puppy, and the staff at the charity debated whether a puppy would be too much work. 

However, they found Kiya a choice of three dogs which were a litter of cockapoo puppies that were about seven weeks old. 

Kiya and her parents became emotional when they found out they were going to meet three puppies. 

Her mum added: “For Kiya to have a dog she could look after I think would be the ultimate happiness for her.” 

When a staff member brought in the three puppies, Kiya was overjoyed, but she was most drawn to the brown female pup as she was very gentle. 

In the end, the family decided to adopt the female puppy and they named her Coco. 

Kiya said she’s been “perfect but can be a little bit of a monkey” at times in their house. 

Many viewers took to Twitter to comment on Kiya’s touching bond with Coco, with @Trinacria saying: “I’m bursting into tears! This little girl is a little warrior! She deserves a dog! Bless her #thedoghouse.” 

Jo said: “I’m in tears watching Kiya and her family with the gorgeous cockapoo pup… So sweet.” 

Claire commented: “I pretty much blubbed through the last 15 minutes. What a sweet girl Kiya is and such lovely parents.” 

The Dog House airs on Thursdays at 8pm on Channel 4. 


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