Thousands back exemption for elderly drivers ahead of new car tax changes later this month


    Campaigners have called for those over the age of 60 to be given free travel in London when the new Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) expansion comes into effect this October. They have called for Transport for London’s 60+Oyster card scheme to be expanded to cover a wider population.

    This card allows free travel on buses, Tubes, London Overground, DLR and TfL rail services in London.

    Cardholders can travel for free on TfL services from 9am on weekdays and anytime at weekends and on bank holidays.

    However, cardholders must live in a London borough to get access to the card which excludes those who live just outside the capital.

    Campaigners claim “not everyone can afford to change” their cars or use expensive public transport.

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    “This would allow more 60+ to be active and healthier.

    “Please give your support and sign this petition so we can bring a change whilst promoting a cleaner healthier London for all.”

    So far over 18,000 people have signed the petition just weeks after its launch. said the poll needed just another 7,000 signatures to become one of the most signed polls on the site.

    Ray Collins said he and his wife had spent their “working life in jobs within London” and had “contributed to London thriving”.

    However, he would not be eligible for a card under the current scheme as he lives outside a London Borough.

    Val Braithwaite added: “This is an unacceptable charge for 60+ citizens.”

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