‘Too insane for us’ Kim humiliates Putin after Russia begs North Korea for help


The allegation comes as the Russian invasion of Ukraine is reaching stagnation as Putin’s forces are met with strong resistance by Ukrainian soldiers. Reports have emerged showing Russia has lost up to 13,500 troops in the conflict, as well as a host of hardware assets, forcing Moscow to reach out to its friends abroad.

Already Russia is alleged to have asked China for financial and military assistance in the ongoing war in Ukraine.

However, China has vehemently denied this to be the case, with a Chinese Embassy spokesman in the US stating: “That’s news to me.”

With North Korea being a key ally of Russia through its historical ties with the Communist era of the Soviet Union, the call for help comes as no surprise.

According to Sarah Hurst, Author of XSoviet-News, President Kim was quick to deny Putin assistance.

Writing on Twitter she claimed: “Russia reportedly asked North Korea for help with its failing invasion.

“North Korea responded, ‘You are too insane for us’.”

This has not been verified by other sources.

Pyongyang’s stance toward Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, somewhat predictably supporting its former Cold War patron, has become increasingly vociferous with time, even if explicit commentary from state media on this issue has been far from regular.

When the North does engage in rhetoric in this vein, most prominently blaming the United States as being the “root cause” of the Ukrainian crisis, such actions suggest North Korea is taking a well-tried-and-tested leaf out of its foreign policy playbook.

Recent missile tests, while not a direct response to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, suggest a continuation of Pyongyang’s increasingly voracious pursuit of further missile – and potentially even nuclear – development this year, as demonstrated in January.

North Korea claims it conducted tests of “reconnaissance satellites” on February 26 and March 4.

North Korea nuclear fears: Kim testing for first time in years

Yet a recent statement from the US Department of Defence said these tests crucially involved a new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) system, even if they “did not demonstrate ICBM range.”

North Korea continued its defence of Russian positions in Moscow’s war against Ukraine on Monday, accusing the US of further worsening the crisis by providing Kyiv with “large-scale military aid.”

The remarks, issued by the DPRK foreign ministry, come as the US has committed more than $1billion in aid to Ukraine and amid reports Russia solicited military aid from China.

Earlier this month, North Korea voted against condemning Russia’s war of aggression at the United Nations Security Council, this was echoed by permanent security council member China.

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Many North Koreans work in Russia, and with tension in Ukraine having a global impact, a lecture was delivered to North Korean ex-pats in Russia.

During the lecture, the speaker even said “just like Russia attacked Ukraine, we can, if necessary, also invade the South at any time.”

In a chilling reflection of Russian sentiments about Ukrainian people, the materials in the North Korean lecture further claimed: “In South Korea, there are many people who are waiting for the reunification of our country.”

Is Vladimir Putin losing his friends? Is Russia becoming more isolated across the international arena? Will Kim Jong-un be inspired by Russia, and invade South Korea? Let us know your thought on these questions, or add your own by CLICKING HERE and joining the debate in our comments section below – Every Voice Matters!

The lecturer also told the attendees, “Just as Russia did not immediately occupy Ukraine despite its superior military power, we are also pulling our punches with the South.”

The materials claimed “the war will, in any case, end with Russia’s victory,” along with the emphasis Russia will “certainly win” in the conflict.


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