Top Boy: Will Stefan murder Sully in revenge for Jamie's death?


Top Boy hasn’t been on Netflix since the first series came out in 2019. The drug dealing-drama returned with all eight episodes coming out on Friday, March 18, so fans could start to binge-watch. Subscribers who have already watched the entire season will now know Jamie Tovell’s (played by Micheal Ward) fate.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Top Boy season 2.

Will Stefan murder Sully in revenge for Jamie’s death?

At the beginning of season two, Jamie was released from prison after Dushane Hill (Ashley Walters) shared evidence that proved the planted bag of drugs and weapons didn’t belong to him.

Upon his release, Jamie started working for Dushane but when he wasn’t organising drug deals, he was looking out for his younger brothers Aaron (Hope Ikpoku Jr) and Stefan Tovell (Araloyin Oshunremi).

As their parents died seven years prior, Jamie acted as their guardian and was determined neither of them would get caught up in the gang life.

However, by the series two finale, their lives were once again changed forever because of his life on the streets.

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When a knock on the door came at the brothers’ flat, Jamie went to answer the door to find Sully (Kane “Kano” Robinson) standing there with a gun.

He shot Jamie in the chest before shooting him again in the head, killing the aspiring top boy instantly.

Sully and Stefan shared a brief look before he made his getaway and Jamie’s younger brother ran to his lifeless body.

Knowing what his brother’s murderer looks like, will Stefan go on the hunt for Sully?

Given how Stefan has already started threatening people with guns, he has shown that he is willing to put himself in dangerous situations.

That, combined with Jamie’s murder, could push the youngster to the edge and lash out at Sully.

But will his last remaining brother Aaron be able to stop him before Stefan does something he regrets?

Fans are going to have to wait for Top Boy to return to find out what happens next.

As of yet though, there has been no update on whether or not the drama is going to get a third season on Netflix.

The creators have remained very quiet on the matter so far, despite the second series causing quite a stir.

Nevertheless, seeing how the series two finale finished, it does seem more than likely Top Boy will be back for more.

Top Boy seasons 1-2 are available to watch on Netflix. Top Boy Summerhouse seasons 1-2 are also available to stream on Netflix.


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