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Top Gear fan discovers Jeremy Clarkson’s Botswana Special Lancia rotting in African field

It was feared the classic Lancia Beta Coupé was scrapped over a decade ago before the discovery was made. YouTube channel Alaska to Africa said they found the vehicle after a culmination of three months worth of work.

Speaking in the video, Alaska to Africa said: “It’s definitely seen better days.”

They added: “This car isn’t supposed to exist. All the articles I could find online said this was scrapped almost a decade ago. Here it is, wild.”

Clarkson chose to purchase the model for the episode due to Lancia’s strong history in rally racing.

He comically fitted a wooden door to the side of his secondhand car and claimed many of the dials and components did not work.

The episode showed Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May travelling across Botswana in a car they had each bought for under £1,500.

Starting at the border of Zimbabwe, the trip took the three boys through Kalahari, the Okavango Delta and up to the Namibian border.

Alaska to Africa said they were hoping to track down James May’s Mercedes in the coming weeks.

His Mercedes-Benz 230E was purchased as he claimed Africa had loved the vehicle in the past. 

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