Tories urged to axe ‘weak’ Rishi Sunak in last ditch attempt to survive as leading party


The comments come after the Prime Minister refused to sack disgraced Nadhim Zahawi and instead launched an ethics inquiry. Labour leader Keir Starmer said Sunak was “hopelessly weak” for not firing the former Chancellor for “seeking to avoid tax”.

Sir Keir added: “Is he starting to wonder if this job is just too big for him?”

Political scientist Sir John Curtice featured on ITV’s political flagship programme ‘Peston’ to discuss the future of the struggling Conservative government.

Sir John warned that without a “changing the person in charge of the ship”, the government is unlikely to survive.

He told Peston: “While we said earlier that no government has ever survived a fiscal/financial crisis, no government has also ever changed its Prime Minister in the wake of such a crisis.

“So therefore, perhaps changing the person in charge of the ship would make a difference.”

He added: “So far, there isn’t any evidence of that happening.”

Labour MP Chris Bryant replied to Sir John’s comments adding: “Sunak looks weak weak weak.

“Some people seem to grow when they achieve the highest office, others seem diminished.

“Sunak is in the latter category.”

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Meanwhile 19 percent said they did not know, and 33 percent answered yes, that the PM would survive.

Meanwhile, a YouGov poll found last week that three in five Brits have an unfavourable view of the Prime Minister.

As Sunak nears the milestone of his first 100 days in office, his favourability is at -29 points.

His popularity which has been measured in his favourability rating has decreased by 20 points since he became PM.


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