Tory MP David Warburton breached Code of Conduct over £150k loan from Russia


A Tory MP has been found to have breached the MP’s Code of Conduct over a £150,000 loan, taken from a Russian businessman. The loan was taken via an off-shore trust. He also breached MP’s rules by failing to declare the loan when lobbying the Financial Conduct Authority.

Mr Warburton previously told parliamentary commissioner for standards, Kathryn Stone that he did not register the loan at the time because it was “entirely unconnected with either my role as an MP or any parliamentary activities”

He also said: “In no way did [the loan] ever influence my words or actions as a Member. Nor could it have done”.

Mr Warburton has since issued an apology for multiple breaches.

An investigation into the issue was launched by Ms Stone in June 2022.



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