Tragedy as body found in Amazon rainforest during search for missing Briton


The wife of the missing British journalist Dom Phillips has confirmed that a body has been found in the Amazon Rainforest where he went missing earlier this month. 

Brazilian journalist André Trigueiro shared the news on Twitter.

He said: “Alessandra, wife of Dom Phillips, has just informed me that the bodies of her husband and indigenist Bruno Pereira have been found.”

Brazilian authorities have not yet confirmed the identities of the bodies.

The news comes following reports that divers in the area had found a backpack, laptop and other items belonging to Mr Phillips and his companion Mr Pereira.

The pair were last seen on June 5 near the Javari Valley Indigenous Territory in western Brazil close to the borders of Colombia and Peru.

Following their disappearance, local authorities from the army, civil defence officials and state police as well as volunteers have been searching for the men.

Police have launched a criminal investigation into the disappearance – Mr Pereira had recently received a threatening letter from a local fisherman according to Guilherme Torres, the head of the interior department of Amazonas state’s civil police.

However, Mr Torres had said that it was possible the two men had gotten lost.

Speaking to Reuters News Agency, he said: “We are indeed working with the hypothesis that a crime might have occurred, but there is another, much larger possibility, that they’re lost.”

The news comes as Mr Phillips’ mother-in-law had given up home of ever seeing him alive again.

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In an Instagram post, she said: “They are no longer with us. Mother nature has snatched them away with a grateful embrace.

“The material has been undone and incorporated into the earth they so loved and respected.

“Their souls have joined those of so many others who gave their lives in defence of the rainforest and Indigenous peoples.

“Today they form part of an immense and pulsating vital energy that emanates from this immense greenery that is the heart of Brazil.”

Mr Phillips was a freelance journalist who had written for The Guardian, The Washington Post, The New York Times and others.

Mr Pereira was a guide and a friend of Mr Phillip’s who would interview indigenous people during their expedition.

The two disappeared while on assignment for a book Mr Phillips had been working on.


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