Tragic girl, 6, is tiniest victim of Istanbul terror attack as suspect arrested


Police have arrested, Ahlam Albashir, a Syrian national who they say confessed her connection to the Kurdish separatist PKK organisation following an explosion on Sunday afternoon in Istanbul which killed six and injured 81. Victims include a young girl and her dad.

CCTV images from earlier in the day showed a female suspect running away from the scene holding a red rose just shortly before the bomb exploded through a busy shopping street. The bombing took place on Istiklal avenue, central Istanbul’s primary shopping street near Taksim Square. Videos posted online show the horrifying moment in which a fireball erupting on the street was matched by a screeching blast as civilians fled in horror.

Istanbul Police Department said the identity of the attacker had been uncovered today.

He explained: “The person who dropped the bomb was detained by our General Directorate of Security.” According to the minister, the bomb was suspected to be the work of Kurdish separatist group, the PKK, and the Turkish government had vowed a tough response.Mr Soylu continued: “Those who caused us this pain can experience more and more pain.”

Going into detail on the suspect, Turkish justice minister Bekir Bozdag told pro-government broadcaster A Haber that investigators had been looking into a woman who was sat on a bench near the crime scene for 40 minutes, and got up “a few minutes” before the bomb went off.

“There are two possibilities,” he said. “There’s either a mechanism and it explodes, or someone remotely explodes (it). All data on this woman are currently under scrutiny,” he added.Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who left the country early yesterday morning for the upcoming G20 summit, said the explosion had the “smell” of a terror attack.

President Erdogan said: “Our nation should be sure that the perpetrators of the incident on Istiklal Street will be punished as they deserve.“It would be wrong to say this is undoubtedly a terrorist attack but the initial developments and initial intelligence from my governor is that it smells like terrorism… Efforts to take over Turkey and the Turkish nation through terrorism will not reach its goal.”

Vice President Fuat Oktay visited the scene alongside Mr Soylu, declaring the blast had been carried out by a female bomber. He said: “We believe that it is a terrorist act carried out by an attacker, whom we consider to be a woman, exploding the bomb.”

It comes after a young girl, Ecrin, and her father, Yusuf Medyan, were confirmed among the six who were killed in the blast. Sky News reports that Mr Medyan worked for Turkey’s ministry of family and social services. The department’s minister, Derya Yanik, said: “I curse this treacherous attack that killed a father and his daughter.


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