UK can’t afford to pay its OWN pensioners…so why are we paying EU’s!? POLL


This, coupled with the fact that Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak is set to break a Tory manifesto and suspend the ‘triple lock’ protecting pensions, hit a nerve with readers. 

Username Shotorod said: “Britain can’t even afford to pay its own pensioners after we have paid in for all of our lives!”

And username Ross36 wrote: “We find our state pension triple lock has been ‘temporarily’ suspended and although inflation is set to hit 7.5 percent…

“Meanwhile you ask if we should keep funding the EU for another 42 years – while a lot of that expense is billions and billions of pounds to fund the pensions of the pen pushers in Brussels, it won’t even benefit EU member states. 

“Of course we should stop paying. What kind of deal is this?”


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