UK hot weather forecast: Britons to BAKE in new hot spell in DAYS – mercury to soar to 22C


BBC Weather: Temperatures to rise as warm air moves in

A system of high pressure is predicted to close in on the UK on Friday bringing hot air from Europe which will send the mercury soaring. Areas in the south of England, such as London, are expected to experience the warmest weather. Temperatures are likely to keep rising into next week, bringing Britons a long-awaited taste of summer.

Forecasters have said highs of 25C could be seen in the south of England, where temperatures could pass the hottest recorded this year so far.

The hottest day of the year was registered over the scorching Easter weekend last month – a high of 23.4C in St James’s Park in London on April 15.

Alyssa Smithmyer, senior forecaster for AccuWeather, told “The current pattern is ushering in warmer daytime temperatures across much of northern and western Europe over the next few days.”

“There will be intervals of clouds and sunshine from mid-to-late week.

“However, by the weekend, clouds will break for stretches of time and temperatures are expected to climb once again. Locations such as London may experience daytime temperatures ranging a degree or two above 70F (19-22C) this weekend.

“Portions of the northwest coasts will generally remain mostly cloudy over the upcoming days, but the best chance for times of sunshine will be across central and southern regions of the United Kingdom.

weather forecast

Temperatures are set to soar this weekend as high pressure reaches the UK from Europe. (Image: WXCharts)

“The upcoming pattern across England, Wales and eastern Scotland looks to be generally dry, aside from spells of rain shifting across Wales and southern England on Wednesday. High pressure will approach the UK from the south and southwest by Friday, promoting a drier start to the weekend.

“Into next week, there is a chance for temperatures to continue trending on the warm side, likely even warmer than this week. A stretch of warm days that promote outdoor activities may be ahead for residents who enjoy the warmer conditions from 20-25C.”

However, Britain is set for a changeable week before the hot weather and sunshine set in this weekend, with rain and cloudy conditions forecast for parts of the UK.

The outlook for the coming days remains mixed, with warm temperatures ranging between 15C to 19C in much of the UK.

Ms Smithmyer said: “Temperatures on Tuesday (May 10) are expected to feel rather warm across much of Northern Ireland, southern Scotland, England and Wales.

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BBC weather forecast

Temperatures are set to rise towards the end of this week. (Image: BBC )

BBC weather

Britain could see the hottest day of the year so far next week if temperatures pass 25C. (Image: BBC )

“Daytime temperatures will be warmest in south-eastern England, although not quite as warm as Monday. London is forecast to reach a high on Tuesday of 67F (19C). A brief dip in temperatures can occur on Wednesday and Thursday across the United Kingdom and daytime highs can range in the lower to middle 60s F (15-18C) across southern England.

“Although temperatures will still be slightly above average, they will not be as warm as prior days.”

However, showers moving in from the north and west will put a dampener on some areas including Northern Ireland and parts of Scotland, where 100mm of rain is forecast to fall between Monday and Friday.

A succession of weather fronts coming off the Atlantic in the early half of the week has brought rain to some regions and ensured the forecast is “quite changeable”, according to BBC weather forecaster Tomasz Schafernaker.

Speaking on Tuesday, Mr Schafernaker said: “In the short term it is going to be quite changeable, quite unsettled with a succession of weather fronts coming off the Atlantic, they will bring rain and indeed it has already been wet in Northern Ireland and western parts of Scotland.

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UK weather forecast

Temperatures are expected to climb past 20C this weekend in parts of the UK. (Image: WXCharts)

“With the low pressures the winds will increase during the week… windier certainly for the majority of us, the wettest of the weather will always be in western Scotland and there is some rain heading for southern England as well.”

He said Thursday is expected to be “cloudy and mild” with highs of 20C before the sunshine and hotter temperatures kick in on Friday.

He continued: “Thursday into Friday the high pressure starts to build in so this is where the sunny warmer, I’m not going to say better weather necessarily because we need the rainfall, but the warmer sunnier weather is to the south of us, we’ve got that more unsettled weather to the north again with hints of rain across parts of western Scotland.

“But whichever way you look at it, it is really starting to settle down by Friday with widespread sunny skies and temperatures 20C in London.”

Mr Schafernaker: “Look at the outlooks, so Saturday, Sunday into next week we are talking about 20s, mid 20s across the south.”


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