UK motorists urged to remain ‘extra vigilant’ amid Storm Eunice chaos as roads blocked


Although the Met Office has not issued a further red weather warning, amber and yellow alerts are still in place for much of the UK. The warnings are to remain in place until Monday, with an amber wind warning in place for most of England and Wales, as well as yellow ice, snow and wind warnings for Storm Eunice.

Storm Eunice has caused chaos across the UK with 120mph winds, at least four people being killed and hundreds of cancellations.

Drivers had previously been warned to avoid smaller roads to avoid being hit with falling debris from fallen trees.

Matt Dallaway, director of central operations at the RAC, said: “Early indications are that most people are taking the weather warnings seriously and not setting out.

“The fact many roads are so clear is a sign that today is not a safe day to be driving.

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Richard Bruce, Halfords Motoring Director, said: “It might sound obvious, but driving slower during wet weather can be a real life-saver.

“Visibility decreases significantly in the rain so the rule of thumb is to increase your stopping distance by double the amount used during dry conditions.

“Whilst you should always keep tyre inflation and condition in tip-top shape, it’s something to be particularly aware of when driving on wet roads.

“Under-inflated tyres are not only a leading cause of grip loss during wet conditions but also increase braking distance, so it’s always best to make sure they’re properly inflated.

“It’s also illegal for a tyre’s tread depth to be at or below 1.6mm and you could be hit with a £10,000 fine if caught with unroadworthy tyres.”

A recent study from Halfords found that 96 percent of people drove with low tyre pressure when using their new tyre safety tool.

A further 60 percent of drivers drove with tread depth below the legal limit.

Mark Akbar, Managing Director of Pendragon, who launched CarStore, warned that not taking care on the road could lead to accidents.

He said: “Every driver needs to be aware of the dangers of driving in wintry conditions and ensure that they are fully prepared before setting out on the road.

“Any vehicle, regardless of make, model or age, can be tested by the unpredictable British weather, so, we recommend that drivers follow these top tips for their safety, and of those around them.”

They are urging drivers to plan their route thoroughly before setting off and take note of any road closures which could impact their journey.


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