UK weather: Brits set to sizzle as mercury hits 28C ahead of extreme amber heat warning


Claire Nasir from the meteorological service said that the earlier hours on Thursday morning would be cooler than the previous evening. There would also be some showers in northern areas but southern areas would enjoy plenty of sunshine.

She said: “Many areas seeing some clearer skies overnight and temperatures falling to around 8C or 9C in the highlands of Scotland.

“And even in the Midlands we’ll see around 10C or 11C.

“So hanging on to the mid-teens towards the southeast, but a lot of lower than the night before where we saw temperatures in excess of 20C overnight.

“First thing then on Thursday morning, pleasant for most with again some sunny spells.

“But look at this, a rash of showers develops across western Scotland, northwest England, Northern Ireland.

“And they’ll develop inland further east through the day across eastern Scotland, as far south as the Humber even wash, we could see one or two here.

“Now across much of Wales you’ll see some fine conditions.

“England, central, southern parts of England, certainly down towards the west country. 

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“Northwest England will see some showers in its wake through the afternoon on Friday.

“And then slowly temperatures rise into the weekend where most places dominated by high pressure will see dry and fine conditions and also some strong sunshine.

“By Sunday, there’s an extreme heat warning in place across much of England and Wales as temperatures rise into the high twenties, if not low thirties.

“And that heat extends across the country through Saturday and into Sunday, where we’re expecting the peak heat in the south on Monday and into Tuesday.

“And that warning extends into Tuesday.”


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