UK weather forecast: African air to cook Britain in 20C 'Spanish plume event'


Weather forecaster Phil Morrish told that the UK can expect “warmer weather” from this weekend. Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, added that the UK can expect dry weather and blue skies. He said that temperatures are likely to sit between 17 and 18C, potentially reaching 20C.

The forecaster added that the UK will see “a lot of pleasant weather coming now”.

Mr Morrish said that the warmer air will move towards the UK from North Africa.

Speaking to, he said: “We’re certainly going to get some warmer weather coming in this weekend.

“We’ll get temperatures of 15 or 16C.

“As of Saturday, we’re going to get what we call a Spanish plume event, where air from North Africa is moving north.”

A “Spanish plume” is a weather event that occurs when warm air pushes north from Iberia, causing an increased risk of thunderstorms.

Mr Dale added: “In terms of where we’re going, we’re going dry after today – more or less til the end of the month.

“There will be very little rain.

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“Those are shade temperatures I’m giving you there. So in the sunshine it’s warmer still.

“I would say to you there’s a lot of pleasant weather coming now.

“We seem to be coming out of the more changeable regime of weather.

“We’re moving much towards something people would recognise as being Spring.

“The sun is getting higher. We are looking at proper spring weather, blue skies.”

Weather forecaster WXCharts has predicted highs of up to 17C in southern regions of the UK next Friday.

Newcastle can expect highs of 15C while Edinburgh will reach 14C.

There is no rain forecast across the UK for the next week.


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