Ukraine LIVE: 'They don't give a f***' Putin humiliated as Russian soldier exposes horror


Daniil Frolkin, 21, a Russian soldier, who spent five months fighting in Ukraine, admitted to iStories media: “We are allegedly trying to liberate civilians from fascism. But we kill civilians. What’s the point of continuing this war?” The young soldier named Lieutenant Colonel Andrey Prokurat and Colonel Azatbek Omurbekov – known as the “Bucher of Bucha” – as instructing him which civilians to shoot. He explained, “our [Russian] commanders do not give a f*** about our soldiers” and committed war crimes to gain medals and please their top brass. He continued: “They also gave us their documents and phones, and said: ‘Walk them out, shoot them, destroy their phones and their documents’.” He told how one commander looted refrigerators, clothes and trainers from Ukraine, sending lorry loads of stolen goods to Russian ally Belarus. Mr Frolkin added: “I – a serviceman from military unit 51460, guard corporal Daniil Andreyevich Frolkin – plead guilty to all the crimes I committed in Andriivka [village]. [Including] the execution of civilians, robbing [them], stealing their phones.”



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