Ukrainian drones ‘strike inside Russia’ for second day in a row


Ukrainian drones are reported to have struck inside Russia for the second day in a row. Explosions were yesterday recorded at two military airfields close not far from the Ukrainian border.

Kyiv officials have not formally confirmed carrying out strikes inside Russia.

An advisor to Volodymyr Zelensky has, however, today taunted Moscow, suggesting in a post on Twitter that such strikes were bound to take place.

He said: “The Earth is round – discovery made by Galileo. Astronomy was not studied in Kremlin, giving preference to court astrologers.

“If it was, they would know: if something is launched into other countries’ airspace, sooner or later unknown flying objects will return to departure point.”

Explosions yesterday hit Engels Airbase, in Russia’s Saratov Oblast, and the Dyagilyaevo airfield near Ryazan, south-east of Moscow.

Pro-Russian military bloggers took to social media sites to criticise Vladimir Putin’s leadership for failing to prevent the damage.

One write on Telegram that “the sheep in the rear continue to demonstrate their absolute unsuitability”.

He added, in a post viewed by more than half-a-million users: “The trend of strikes against the airfields of the Aerospace Forces, and even more so by aviation with long-range missiles, was obvious.”

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It added: “The Russian chain of command will probably seek to identify and impose severe sanctions on Russian officers deemed responsible for allowing the incident.”

Following hits which reportedly came from Ukraine, Russia launched a fresh series of its own strikes.

President Zelensky said 70 missiles were sent towards his country, but boasted that “most” of these were knocked down.

In yesterday’s television address, he said: “70 Russian missiles were launched, most of them were shot down.

“Every downed Russian missile is concrete proof that terror can be defeated.”


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