Ukrainian troops being trained on BRITISH soil as Boris accuses Putin of 'escalation'


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has revealed the troops are being trained to use armoured vehicles in the UK. British forces are also training Ukrainian soldiers to use anti-aircraft defences in Poland. He said: “I can say that we are currently training Ukrainians in Poland in the use of anti-aircraft defence and actually in the UK in the use of armoured vehicles.”

The troops began training in Britain earlier this month.

They are being trained on how to use the armoured patrol vehicles donated by Britain to the Ukrainian armed forces.

The UK is providing Ukraine with 120 armoured patrol vehicles, including the Mastiff, a vehicle which can be used as both a reconnaissance or patrol vehicle.

A spokesperson for Mr Johnson said: “It is only sensible that they get requisite training to make the best use of it.

“We are always conscious of anything perceived to be escalatory but clearly what is escalatory is the actions of (Vladimir) Putin’s regime.”

The UK has been supplying Ukraine with increasing numbers of weapons since Putin’s invasion began on February 24 2022.

In March, UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace announced the UK would provide Starstreak, a high-velocity anti-aircraft missile system, and more than 4,000 anti-tank missiles to the Ukrainian armed forces.

The weapons system is the fastest missile in its class in the world, travelling at more than three times the speed of sound.

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The Netherlands have sent 200 Stinger air defence rockets and 50 “Panzerfaust 3” anti-tank weapons with 400 rockets.

Germany also pledged 1,000 anti-tank munitions and 500 Stinger missiles.

This came after the country overturned its long-standing ban on exporting weapons to conflict zones.

Belgium and Sweden are also sending anti-tank weapons, the first time Sweden has sent weapons to a country involved in armed conflict since the Soviet Union invaded Finland in 1939.

So far, according to Ukrainian estimates, 18,900 Russian soldiers have died since the beginning of the war.

However, accurate estimates are hard to establish.

Ukraine has estimated that 3,000 of its own troops have been killed since the start of the war.


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