'Unforgivable': Rishi Sunak slammed over plan to cut Universal Credit by £1,000 a year


    “Over the last year we have fought very hard to retain the uplift to Universal Credit that was introduced at the beginning of the crisis. This proposed cut this Autumn will increase poverty and hold back our recovery,” he explained.

    “Cutting the budgets of the very families who need it most is unforgivable but add to that the fact that it will weaken our economy and the Government’s decision simply makes no sense at all.

    “That £1,000 is money that is spent in shops and restaurants on our high streets. Taking that money out of our economy when an economic recovery is not fully established is simply robbing Peter to pay Paul.

    “Universal Credit is an in-work benefit. In fact, almost 40 percent of all claimants are currently in work. So when the Prime Minister says, it’s a choice between keeping the uplift and getting people back into work, he is simply wrong.

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