Home Business Unpaid carer left 'really worried' due to 'miniscule' Carer's Allowance limit

Unpaid carer left 'really worried' due to 'miniscule' Carer's Allowance limit


“I’ve had to come off Carer’s Allowance since I did the internship. Although I was earning under the limit for Carer’s Allowance, every time I was offered work and reimbursed, it was either me having to work for free or being really worried that I was going to go over this really miniscule weekly limit.”

On how the last 22 months have exacerbated his family financial stresses, Nairn said: “Before the pandemic, everything was always tough. We were always just getting by. The change during the pandemic has been really noticeable.

“We have no choice but to have a car because mum needs to go to appointments and public transport is not an option.

“Getting that car on the road has been such a struggle over the last 12 months with the cost of fuel going up.

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