Upload season 3 release: Showrunner drops positive update 'Have a good feeling'


Greg Daniel’s surprise hit sci-fi comedy Upload has just dropped its highly anticipated second instalment on Amazon Prime Video. After plenty of shocking twists and another huge season finale cliffhanger, the showrunner has confirmed he’s already making plans to continue the story.

Upload creator Greg, best known for his work on The Office and Parks & Recreation, has shared a promising update for the next stage of his latest TV comedy.

Prime Video’s acclaimed new series takes place in 2033, where humans have developed the ability to upload themselves to a virtual afterlife when they die.

The first two seasons followed Nathan Brown (played by Robbie Amell) after he dies prematurely and his wealthy girlfriend Ingrid Kannerman (Allegra Edwards) convinces him to upload his consciousness to afterlife paradise, Lakeview.

Season two saw Ingrid join Nathan in Lakeview, only to reveal she hadn’t actually died and has been using a hug suit to interact with him in the afterlife.

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Meanwhile, Nathan has downloaded himself back into the real world to put a stop to a political conspiracy, though there is a very real chance his new head could explode.

As more and more viewers become obsessed with the new sci-fi series, Prime Video still hasn’t confirmed whether Upload will be back for a third season.

Even so, Greg is confident enough the series has won over enough fans to warrant at least one more season.

He told Collider: “I might be overconfident, but this was the number one half-hour comedy on Prime Video and people seem really into it.”

“We basically end every episode on some sort of a cliffhanger, so it’s not completely out of context for the show.”

Although cliffhangers are part and parcel of the series, fans may be more concerned with the lengthy hiatus which kept them waiting all of last year.

Upload took a break for nearly two whole years before the release of season two, but Greg hopes this won’t be the case if Amazon gives the green light for a third outing.

“I just feel like, when there is a gap between seasons, it’s cool to let the audience imagine all sorts of possibilities,” he explained.

“If you put too much closure into it, you can just stop thinking about it and be surprised that they’re back, two years from now.”

Thankfully, he clarified: “And I hope it’s not two years. I hope we get a season three pickup and it’s a lot shorter than that.”

Season two may have been three episodes shorter than the previous instalment, but hopefully, its uptick in popularity is enough to convince the streamer it deserves at least one more outing to finish Nathan’s story.

Upload seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.


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