Urgent police appeal for woman in white van after girl, six, sexually assaulted in park


The young girl was lured into a wooded section of Rowheath Park, Bournville where she was assaulted. The “distressing” incident took place in broad daylight, at midday on September 18, 2021. West Midlands Police has launched a fresh appeal, six months after the incident took place.

A 16-year-old boy was arrested at the time of the incident and later bailed.

But he has now been released with no further action taken, the force said.

Fresh lines of inquiry have been identified, as a possible male suspect was seen entering a white van next to the park before it drove off.

According to West Midlands Police, the van was being driven by a white woman with dark blonde hair.

The teenager is thought to be between 13 and 14 years old, with similar colour hair to the woman.

Detective Inspector Neil Hunt, from the West Midlands Police public protection unit, said the woman “may be completely unaware of what happened in the park”.

In a statement, he said: “We understand the concerns and impact this awful incident had on the Bournville community.

“We’re exactly six months on to the date and this has very much remained an ongoing investigation.

“This was clearly very distressing for the young girl and her family and we’ve spoken to them ahead of bringing memories back by issuing this fresh appeal.

“Whoever was involved has never come forward and it’s important we do all we can to try and find them as age can be no excuse.

“We’ve spent quite some time trawling CCTV, looking at forensic opportunities and speaking to people in the area.

“We appreciate the descriptions are still not the clearest but we’re very keen to speak to the woman who was parked up in a white van and appeared to collect a teenager.

“He has never been identified and we’d urge him to come and speak to us.

“If he wasn’t involved we can rule him out and he may have important information.

“The woman in the van may be completely unaware of what happened in the park a short time beforehand and again we’d ask her to talk to us.”

The police confirmed that, since the incident took place last year, there have been no further reports of children being approached in the park.

However, the force has been monitoring the area as part of routine patrols.


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