US federal judge blocks New Jersey gun restrictions in second amendment row


A US federal judge on Monday blocked parts of a recently passed New Jersey law restricting where people in the state may carry guns. It will be seen as an early test of the efforts of some states to pass gun control measures following a US Supreme Court ruling last year that expanded gun rights across the country.

District Judge Renee Marie Bumb argued that the new restrictions in New Jersey infringed the right to bear arms guaranteed under the second amendment of the US constitution.

The laws banned guns in public libraries, museums, bars and restaurants and on private property without the owners permission.

They also prohibited the transportation of loaded guns in vehicles.

However, the judge issued a temporary restraining order, prohibiting the enforcement of these laws while there is an ongoing legal challenge to the laws.

The challenge was initiated by three individuals and gun-rights advocacy groups.

Other parts of the law signed last month by Democratic New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy are not part of the lawsuit and will remain in effect.

This includes the tightening of gun licensing requirements and handgun safety rules.

Tyler Jones, a spokesperson for Governor Murphy, said his office was disappointed that the judge had struck down “common sense restrictions”.

He added that the Governor would seek the get them reinstated.

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