'Very sad and depressed' cat finds forever home after droopy-eyed post goes viral


A five-year-old “depressed” cat has finally found a new home after his listing went viral, causing hundreds of animal lovers to contact the shelter with adoption offers.

Fishtopher, a tabby cat who had been taken in by Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Centre in Blackwood, New Jersey, was adopted over the weekend by one of his new fans.

The shelter posted Fishtopher’s listing on Twitter, prompting an outpouring of love, with thousands liking and sharing it.

It read: “Fishtopher is not a fish out of water, but he is out of sorts at the shelter. He is very sad and depressed and will only eat when he has company.

“Five-year-old Fishtopher was found as a stray, maybe he is missing his family. Fishtopher reminds you of a Bengal with his cool colouring. He is a sweet, easy-going, laid-back boy.

“Fishtopher loves being pet, and is an affectionate boy. He wouldn’t even look up for pictures, but did enjoy his one-on-one attention, and getting chin rubs.”

The listing, which featured photos of the cat with a sad look on his face, said: “Fishtopher is a big cheeky boy, wouldn’t you love rubbing up on those big cheeks? He loves cuddling up in arms, it seems to make him feel secure.

“We feel that Fishtopher would do best in a more quiet home. Please come rescue our big loveable boy!”

Many Twitter users came forward to express their affection for the sad tabby, urging the public to take him in.

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One said: “Fishtopher is gorgeous! That sweet face! Please someone snap him up! He’s a Thanksgiving gift.”

Another said: “I live for Fishtopher. I would die for Fishtopher. I have never seen a more perfect being than Fishtopher.”

All the attention from the post has helped the fluffy feline to find a forever home.

On Saturday, Twitter user @honkinn confirmed that their boyfriend had adopted Fishtopher and has kept his fans updated with photos and videos of the pet since.

The same user created a separate Twitter account dedicated to the cat, to post updates of his progress to his new fan following.

The shelter, which has now listed Fishtopher as adopted on its website, said in a statement: “We’re super happy for him, but if you were interested in him, have no fear.

“We have hundreds of other kitties who are just as wonderful and are wishing that people would come and stand in line for them.”

Fishtopher’s online stardom has led to the adoption of several other cats, including felines named Batman, Catwoman, DiGiorno, Dingus, Eggplant, Lobster and Olive Oil, the New Jersey shelter confirmed.


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