Video shows empty supermarket shelves as bad weather stops ferry imports


Shocking footage has been filmed of empty supermarket shelves in Shetland as bad weather has delayed ferry services for five days. Islander Leona Gear filmed the barren aisles in Tesco in Scalloway, the largest town on the islands, on Thursday. A freight ferry from the mainland is expected to arrive tomorrow (Sunday) to replenish dwindling stocks of food with many items out of stock as this video shows.

Posting online Leona shared a video of “Tesco after three days of no boats” which showed fruit and veg crates empty and overturned.  Leon, from Foula, said fresh produce was almost gone from the shelves. 

She told “I found it hilarious. It’s been a bit windy but nothing we haven’t seen before and it’s now been four days but they are due to start sailing again tomorrow with the freight boat on Sunday morning.”

Commenting on Leona’s post on Shetland on Camera Facebook page, some saw the positive side of the shortage, with one man writing: “Gives you a chance for a good clean oot (sic) o the freezers. I don’t mind it a bit at all.”

Another person commented that: “It just goes to show how isolated Shetland is, hope you get the boats coming soon.”

One woman said she had showed her family the footage and they were thankful some non-fresh items would probably still be available, she wrote: “Just showed my son and he was stunned then commented ‘it’s ok they still have Ferrero Rocher’.”

It’s not the first time this year the Shetland Islands, which lie around 100 miles north of the UK, have experienced being cut-off. In October damage to an undersea cable connecting the archipelago and the Faroe Islands to the rest of the UK meant the islands lost internet access.

Police declared a major incident on October 20 and it took three days for the cables to be repaired. On Friday the Shetland Times reported that Northlink ferry services to Shetland had been cancelled for the fourth day running due to adverse sailing conditions.

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