WATCH Russian artillery battery obliterated in devastating attack as Putin's army falters


The attack was carried out by Ukraine’s 59th Motorised Brigade on a Russian artillery position in Mykolaiv province. The province is located in Ukraine’s south and sits between Odesa and Kherson Oblast. Recent weeks have seen the Ukrainian High Command launch a series of counteroffensives in its southern territories, as they seek to take advantage of Putin’s decision to concentrate the bulk of his army in the Donbas.

Kyiv now appears to be readying a major offensive to recapture the vital port city of Kherson, which fell to the Russians in the first days of the war.

In the video, a series of explosions can be seen along a line occupied by Russian artillery units.

Huge balls of flames erupt along the defensive positions as the Ukrainian rockets strike their targets with deadly precision.

Thick black plumes of smoke billow skywards, as ammunition dumps explode and send munitions whizzing through the air.

The footage was posted to Twitter by the user BlueSauron, a regular contributor on the Ukraine war.

They wrote: “A Russian artillery battery in Mykolaiv Oblast was annihilated by the Ukrainian 59th Motorized Brigade.”

Social media users were quick to congratulate the Ukrainians on their successful operation.

“Utopia” commented: “Very good professional work.

“At this pace the Russian army would be forced to return to Russia on foot.”

While Louis noted: “Wow, I have never seen a modern army taking such as beating.

“Hope those Russian volunteers can see this video before signing a contract.

“It’s definitely not a career enhancing move.”

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These include US High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS), French Caesar long-range howitzers and German Panzerhaubitze 2000 self-propelled howitzers.

The new weapons have allowed Ukraine’s commanders to attack Russian supply lines and military bases in the rear with ever greater accuracy and effectiveness.

In particular, Russian artillery ammunition depots have been targeted, as Ukraine’s army tries to disrupt Moscow’s ability to wage its brutal bombardments of cities and villages.



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