'We respect the will of the people' Rishi Sunak blasts Ian Blackford after SNP Brexit jibe


Rishi Sunak counterattacked Ian Blackford with a brutal dig at the Westminster’s SNP leader’s track record on following the result of the Scottish referendum. While Ian Blackford asked Westminster respect the will of the Scottish people and allow a second independence referendum in Scotland, Prime Minister slammed him saying his party would better respect the outcome of the 2014 referendum like the Conservatives did with Brexit in 2016.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Rishi Sunak said: “Mr Speaker, he talks about democracy and votes. 

“Mr Speaker, I think a fundemental difference between him and I is that I respect the result of referendums.”

Conservative MPs erupted in cheer after Rishi Sunak’s brutal attack on the SNP leader.

Mr Sunak defended the Conservative party’s track record in the post-Brexit years, saying: “He just remembers one thing, Mr Speaker, we’ve had the fastest vaccine rollout in the world.

“We had that because of freedom after leaving the European Union.”


Ian Blackford had previously taken swipes at both the Conservative leader and Sir Keir Starmer for following through with Brexit and ruling out a Swiss-style Brexit deal despite the economic consequences of Brexit red tape.

He said: “The problem for both the Prime Minister and the Labour leader is that when it comes to Brexit even their own voters don’t agree with them.”

Mr Blackford cited the YouGov poll which showed a record 56 percent of Britons now believe it was wrong to leave the European Union. 

“And that figure is 71 percent in Scotland. One in five who actually voted for Brexit have now changed their minds.”

In a brutal dressing down of the Labour leader, Mr Blackford said: “More and more people across these islands are wise to the fact that make Brexit work is just another stupid slogan.”

READ MORE: Rishi Sunak blasts Ian Blackford after SNP Brexit jibe

Mr Blackford continued: “But Scotland can’t be stuck with a new Brexit together coalition of the Tories and Labour. So, on St Andrew’s Day, can the Prime Minister finally tell people in Scotland the democratic path to escape Westminster’s rule, deliver independence so we can get back to the European Union?”

Despite a no vote for independence in the 2014 independence referendum, Ian Blackford’s SNP is still determined to hold a second vote following the Brexit vote. 

Since Scots overwhelmingly voted to remain in the EU in 2016, Nicola Sturgeon and her pro-independence coalition have campaigned to hold a new vote on independence in Scotland.. 

Having won a landslide victory in 2021, the SNP says it has a mandate to hold the new vote. 

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