Weight loss: Dr Michael Mosley on diet plan to burn fat and 'keep hunger at bay'


    Weight loss diet plans do not need to restrict food intake for them to work. Dr Michael Mosley gave advice for those following intermittent fasting.

    Dr Mosley said: “Most adults eat for about 15 hours throughout the day, which does not leave enough time for cell repair pathways to engage to their fullest extent.

    “The long-term health effects of this can be disastrous, loading the body with chronic physiological stress.

    “Time-restricted eating is a simple and manageable step that can put all of this into reverse – and the test results prove it.”

    Doing this can also boost the metabolism and lead to weight loss, which could get rid of excess fat.


    Intermittent fasting

    How the plan is followed will be different for all dieters.

    Dr Mosley shared advice for anyone hoping to get started and stick with the plan.

    He said: ” Weight loss can be a powerful motivator, so before you begin, make a note of your weight.

    “It can take time to adjust to time-restricted eating, so don’t panic if you need a few weeks to work out what works best with your schedule.”

    “Black coffee and tea are fine to have during your fasting hours.”

    Brushing teeth after the last meal of the day can also be a clever way to avoid overeating.

    Dr Mosley concluded: “As soon as you have finished the last meal of the day, brush your teeth.

    “It’ll signal the end of eating and help you to keep away from snacks and nibbles.”

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