'We're being hysterical?!' Ranvir Singh hits back at Miliband over climate change warning


Ed Miliband, the Shadow Secretary of State for Climate Change, appeared on the ITV news programme to debate how the Government is coping with the heatwave which is sweeping across the nation. Good Morning Britain presenter Ranvir Singh hit back at the politician’s responses about the “extreme weather” this week.

“We are neither prepared as a country nor are we doing what we should do to tackle the climate emergency which I think is the biggest single threat we face,” Miliband stated.
Singh replied: “Lots of our viewers are getting in touch saying British people are resilient.

“Other opinion pieces are saying the media is hysterical about it, the Met Office is going too far and we need to change our behaviour, but I think there is a difference here between how we cope as individuals over the next couple of days versus whether there’s a hole in how we are prepared as infrastructure.

“It’s fine to deal with it for a couple of days but it’s about how the trains will run, how the tarmac at our airports will not melt in the future – there is an enormous amount of work that needs doing.”

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She asked: “Why is it, even though we have had these warnings for so long, that we as a country are still woefully unprepared?”

Miliband blamed the Conservative Government and stressed how he legislated for a climate change risk assessment back in 2008. 

“There have been three of those since this Government has been in power and frankly the people who run this risk assessment have said they have had their repeated warnings ignored,” he added. 

He claimed there is not a maximum workplace temperature to keep workers safe in extreme heat or any guidelines on how to make existing homes fit for purpose. 

The politician’s interview comes as the country is set to see its hottest day on record, with temperatures expected to reach up to 42C on Tuesday.

Wales recorded its hottest day on record on Monday with a high of 37.1C. 

Suffolk reached a sweltering 38.1C which was just short of the UK record of 38.7C set two years ago. 

A red extreme heat warning has been issued by the Met Office across most of England. 


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