‘What has she done?!’ IDS torpedoes Mordaunt’s chances in brutal dressing down


Former Conservative leader Sir Ian Duncan Smith took a massive hit at Conservative contender Penny Mordaunt’s chances ahead of the Conservative leadership election over her past record over the last few years. 

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Smith said: “Everyboy’s record should be fully open and examined about your achievements. 

“My point is we’ve had two and a half years post-Brexit where everybody – Tom Tugendhat I think is in government – everybody needs to be judged on what they’ve achieved. 

“That’s the whole campaign. Liz Truss is open, Rishi Sunak is open… the one person I personally don’t know what the big achievements are is Penny.”


“I don’t have any problem with her”, Mr Smith said.

“But for me, the key thing is we’re not electing a leader of the Conservative party that has two years to build their reputation.

“We are electing someone who will be prime minister on day one.

“So, you need to know when they have power and authority in government, what they do with it?

“Then actually they sometimes have to go against their civil servants to get these things done. 

“I mean, I ran a department for six years, work seven days a week. I know what it’s like to make tough decisions.

“So the kye thing is I want to know where are the tough decisions for all of them. 

“It’s not aimed at her, it’s all of us.”



“So all the candidates need to be completely open about that and argue: ‘I knpow what it’s like to take decisions because this is what I did.”

Sky News’ Sophy Ridge then said: “And so you’re concerned Penny Mordaunt…”

Mr Smith said: “Well, of all the candidates that are standing, I don’t know enough about what she’s exactly done. 

“I know what the others have done. Now I want to know what does she believe her big achievements are, where was she actually fighting for things, how many hors did she spend working on this, where did face these though decisions.”


Sophy Ridge then mentioned Lord Frost who said that she, as Brexit deputy, was missing from the negotiating table in Brussels with him when he was Brexit Secretary and negotiated the Brexit withdrawal agreement.

Mr Smith said: “Well, that’s his view. I don’t know. i’ve not worked with her. So, all of this leads to the point of what actually does she believes it about because he and other obviously don’t think so.

“So I want to know what is your real key area to be able to say I can land two feet in Downing Street and government from day one because I know what it’s like to take tough decisions and that’s the key element for me for choice.”



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