'Where did you get that?' The Repair Shop expert Will Kirk startled by unearthed photo


Will Kirk was on the ITV show to chat about how he is preparing to be a father for the first time and The Repair Shop. However, Lorraine was keen to learn more about the furniture restorer and probed him about what he gets up to in his spare time. She left the TV star briefly taken aback as she shared a photo of him fencing and asked about his hobby.

Lorraine remarked: “Now look, you’re very busy as you said but is it right that you do fencing? And I don’t mean mending fences.

“I mean the actual, there you are look,” the host continued as a photo of Will in his sports gear flashed up on screen.

“Where did you get that?” Will asked the host, clearly taken by surprise.

Lorraine replied: “Well, we have our ways. Do you find this a real stress buster?”

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“Yes, I mean I’ve been fencing for about 15 years now,” Will explained as the host gasped: “Have you?”

The Repair Shop expert continued: “Yeah, it’s a great stress reliever and it’s just sort of nice to keep fit and nice to have a sports or hobby or something like that.

“You really have to focus your mind on what you’re doing so if you’re stressed out with work you can just put it all to one side and focus on that task.”

Lorraine asked: “Are you good?” as Will laughed: “Well… I’m not bad.”

He went on to shared: “We’re having a girl. We have a name, but we’ll wait until she’s there.”

Lorraine agreed: “You know, that’s so right, because we did that until we had a few names.

“And then you see the little one and you go, ‘Oh yeah, she’s definitely a Rosie’. Isn’t it exciting though?”

Will went on to share his excitement, declaring: “I’m definitely ready.


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