William and George tipped to ditch royal tradition for double birthday due to diary clash


King Charles had decided to continue his mother’s tradition of having two birthdays a year in order to allow for an official military parade to take place in the summer months. The Trooping the Colour parade serves to mark the sovereign’s birthday, although monarchs with a winter birthday have often chosen to host the parade on an honorary second birthday. However, Daily Express royal correspondent Richard Palmer has revealed the tradition may not survive for much longer. The next two royals in line to the throne, Prince William and his son Prince George, are tipped to abandon the longstanding royal practice.

Speaking on the Daily Express’s Royal Round Up, Mr Palmer explained: “It is more difficult to have a military celebration like Trooping the Colour, which is the monarch’s official birthday parade, in the autumn or winter.

“The idea was let’s have a military parade in the summer and we will call it the official birthday.

“George V dispensed with that because he had a summer birthday and I think I am right in saying Edward VIII was the same.

“George VI, who has a winter birthday, went back to having a summer celebration and Queen Elizabeth II, who had an April birthday, continued the tradition.”

The late Queen’s birthday was April 21, although her official birthday was celebrated every year in June.

The warmer summer months offered better weather conditions for the Trooping the Colour parade to take place, and therefore the Queen was often described as having two birthdays.

Similarly, her father King George VI celebrated his official birthday in the summer rather than the date he was born, December 14.

The exact date of the monarch’s official birthday often varies slightly year on year, although it is normally announced around the end of May when there can be more certainty around the often unpredictable British weather.

The tradition dates back to 1748 when King George II celebrated his official birthday.

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