Woman wakes up to find entire MURAL on her home after graffiti artist strikes at night


Nickie Hadley, from Greater Manchester, described how she had been soundly asleep as street artist Mr Eggs cracked on with his creation. She recounted how she had no inkling of the street artist’s plans earlier in January.

She told Manchester Evening News: “I woke up in the morning and two neighbours were stood outside.

“I went to the front window, they waved and said ‘we love it’. I came out and it was there.”

She added: “It’s always easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission!”

The mural features a young boy, pulling bricks with a cart as a plane soars overhead.

Trailing behind the plane in flight is a banner with the words “save our green belt” fluttering behind it.

It references proposals for a garden village nearby, which has been opposed by some local residents.

Ms Hadley is among those who believe that the construction of more than 2,000 homes, backed by Tameside Council, would damage the community.

Ms Hadley commented: “I’m in the Save Tameside Greenbelt group on Facebook and when I first joined I made a comment that I have a gable end and if anybody has a poster they were welcome to put it up.

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“Kids walk past on their way to school and some have been taking pics of it, so I assume they are sharing it on Instagram too.”

Tameside Council has received over 3,200 objections from local residents to the planning application for the garden village in Godley Green.

Residents say that the impact it could have on wildlife – a key part of what they love about the area – should come first in the council’s considerations.

Ms Hadley said: “I lost my nan recently – she was 87.

“She only ever lived here and never wanted to live anywhere else because it’s such a beautiful place.

“My boyfriend lives in London and he can’t wait to move up here – he’s looking for jobs at the moment.

“He loves it, he goes out for walks for hours at a time.”

Tameside Council said that the development will be sustainable, and include green space within plans of “great quality and design”.

They add that Godley Green is the only suitable place for Tameside Council to build the number of new homes it is required to construct.

Additional reporting by Stephen Topping


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