Xi Jinping set to unleash ‘brutal military repression’ to stop lockdown protests in China


Australian MP Michael Danby has blasted the hard internal policing being used across China to tackle dissent over coronavirus measures. Xi Jinping’s regime is under pressure after massive protest erupts over Beijing’s “zero-Covid” rules. 

Defence Intelligence Analyst Paul Monk has suggested current anti-lockdown backlash in China could be a “serious turning point” for  Xi Jinping’s regime. 

The protests are believed to have been triggered after a number of people lost their lives in an apartment building fire in Urumqi after emergency services were reportedly delayed by lockdown rules.

Mr Monk told Sky News Australia: “It seems to me various authoritarian regimes crack at different, often unpredictable points due to things that they didn’t foresee.

“This could be a very serious turning point for China.”


Political commentator Quentin Letts believes that Xi Jinping has backed himself into a corner of China’s “zero Covid” policy. 

Mr Letts told Good Morning Britain: “There’s a very good piece in The Telegraph today, by Sherelle Jacobs saying that this zero-tolerance Covid approach by China has become China’s version of the Ukraine war.

They’re not going to win this thing and President Xi has got himself into a terrible corner and it’s very difficult to see how his authority is improved. 

He added: “But the ultimate sort of political reality of this political physics is that freedom will out and the Chinese authorities are fighting a losing battle.”


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